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Western Dakota Camp Association 


    Youth Groups

$43.00 per person per day (includes meals, lodging and grounds fee)

Group has option to do own cooking. Then rate is $19.00 per person per overnight (includes lodging and grounds fee), Plus $150.00 per day for use of kitchen & furnish own food.
        One day field trips:
            $9.00 per person (bring sack lunch)
            $13.00 per person with sack lunch
            Other meals at rates shown below

    Family Reunions -- Do Own Cooking

        1-30 people plus use of kitchen - a flat rate of $510.00 per day.
        31 people & up - $19.00 per person per overnight (all ages) plus kitchen fee of $150.00 per day and furnish own food.
        If the group contracts with someone else to do the cooking, then the kitchen fee of $150.00 per day still applies.


        A day fee of $9.00 per person per day (plus meals if applicable) for those who are part of a group but do not stay overnight at the camp.
        Fee terms for youth groups and family reunions:
            25% nonrefundable deposit is due 60 days prior to the 1st day of camp.
            Final payment is due on the day the group leaves camp.
        Rate Breakdowns:
            $46.00 = $16.00 Lodging + $21.00 Meals + $9.00 Grounds Fee
            $25.00 = $16.00 Lodging + $9.00 Grounds Fee
            $9.00 = $9.00 Grounds Fee
            Meal Rates = Breakfast $6.00, Lunch $7.00, Supper $8.00